Navigate Career Transitions and Overcome "Feeling Stuck" with Purpose-Driven Coaching for BIPOC Women Leaders

Coaching Women to Lead with Confidence and Purpose

Empowering and coaching ambitious women to overcome self-doubt to step into your full potential, your visibility and influence to achieve the promotion, impact, and income you deserve

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Feeling Stuck? Undervalued? Underutilized? and Underpaid?

Unlock Your Next Career Level with The Masterpiece Method™

Does this sound like you? 


“I know I have the talent, skills, and experience, but I’m struggling with how to leverage them effectively and make the impact I want in my career.”

“I feel stuck in my current job and can’t find a clear career growth path.”

“I have so many ideas and aspirations, but I struggle to take the right steps to turn them into reality.”

“I have a passion project I’d love to pursue, but I fear it might jeopardize my current success.”

“I know I have talent, skills, and experience to bring to a team but I am STUCK on the HOW!”

It’s time to become the “Chief Marketing Officer” of Your Career

After facing rejection for my first director’s role due to a lack of confidence, I realized it was time to fully embrace and own my brilliance. This moment made me realize the necessity of overcoming self-doubt and believing wholeheartedly in my capabilities. Motivated by my own experiences, I began to increase my visibility in my career, advocating for others to recognize and claim their brilliance. Sharing my struggles and successes struck a chord with many, inspiring me to develop a methodology specifically designed to coach high-achieving women in seizing the promotions and opportunities they envision for themselves.

With over two decades of experience in career development across varied sectors including non-profit, organizational consulting, education, renewable energy, and HR, I have gained a profound understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities associated with advancing one’s career.

Today, my commitment is to empower high-achieving women to overcome self-doubt and self-sabotage. My Masterpiece Method encapsulates a strategic approach to marketing oneself, constructing a robust personal brand, and fulfilling career ambitions with confidence and clarity. By becoming the Chief Marketing Officer of your career, you are empowered to take charge, enhance your visibility, and assert your influence within their professional spheres, thereby achieving the promotions, impact, and financial rewards they truly deserve.

Ways We Can Work Together

Career and Leadership Coaching

Elevate your career and leadership journey by designing a masterpiece that harmonizes your strengths and passions, paving the way for personal fulfillment and professional excellence

Outplacement Career Transition Coaching

We partner with companies to provide top-tier outplacement services, helping individuals redefine their careers and seize new opportunities with confidence.

Professional Speaking and Workshops

Inspire and ignite your audience with powerful talks on career development, women's empowerment, personal branding, and leadership designed to leave a lasting impact
Hi! My name is Lynn George
I'm on a mission to empower women leaders to elevate their careers and craft an empowering and purposeful brand using The Masterpiece Method™
I describe my story as one of resilience, empowerment, and transformative impact in my career development journey. As a woman and black woman, I have overcome challenges advancing my career to the place I wanted it which fueled my passion for career coaching and personal branding. My experience as a first-generation Haitian-American and college graduate helped me understand the barriers faced by individuals striving to reach their potential. Career Development isn't just something I've googled and became interested int it, my experience in it is a study of over 20 years in the game professionally working from various lens such as diversity, equity, and inclusion, workforce development, learning and professional development and more. My career is characterized by my dedication and commitment to empowering diverse talent. Major brands have trusted me with their clients and have featured in me their editorials such as SHRM and ResumeNerd and have spoken for well-known brands in tech like General Assembly and Microsoft, as well as associations such as The National Black MBA Association. My approach as a Career Development leader and Executive Coach is not just about transitioning careers; it's about instilling belief in individuals' abilities to achieve despite the odds. I welcome the opportunity to partner with you to take your career to the new heights. If you're an organization looking to hire a professional speaker, trainer, or executive coach for your employees, let's connect.

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